Real Baby Alpaca Teddy Bears For Sale

Alpaca’s produce some of the softest hair you will ever feel in your life. Put that on a teddy bear and you have the softest teddy bears ever! Alpaca fiber is also very good at retaining heat, so your Alpaca teddy bear is guaranteed to be one of the warmest stuffed animals in your bed.

These teddy bears are handcrafted using 100% Alpaca fiber. You will see a large selection of all natural colors coinciding with the different natural colors of Alpaca. The more common include white, fawn, brown, and multicolored.

You will also see multiple different Alpaca teddy bear sizes for sale on our site. Sizes range from 4 inches to 16 inches tall.

Between 10” and 12”

 Baby Alpaca Fur Teddy Bear – Hand Made 10 Inch White

White is the hardest to clean, but the cutest by far. This 100% baby Alpaca fur filled teddy is perfect for any child that loves to snuggle. It’s worth noting that they are surprisingly easy to clean with a wet cloth and brush.



Baby Alpaca Fur Teddy Bear – Hand Made 10 Inch Mocha Brown

Who could walk away from this Mocha Brown stuffed bear? Look at that cute little face! I want to buy a bunch and fill my whole bed with them.



Baby Alpaca Fur Teddy Bear – Hand Made 10 Inch Champagne

Another cut 10” baby Alpaca teddy bear for fellow Alpaca fur lovers. This champagne colored beauty is great looking and will withstand more stains than its white sister.



Baby Alpaca Fur Teddy Bear – Hand Made 10 Inch Black

If you are buying a stuffed animal for a kid that makes a mess no matter what you do, then black just might be the best way to go. This 10” teddy is sure to last the test of time!



Between 12” and 14”

Baby Alpaca Fur Teddy Bear – Hand Made 12 Inch Chocolate

This 12” chocolate brown baby Alpaca fur teddy bear will make any little kids birthday that much better. Made from 100% baby Alpaca fur and filled with hypoallergenic polyfill, this plush is ready to cuddle!



Baby Alpaca Fur Teddy Bear – Hand Made 12 Inch Multi Colored – Dark Chocolate/White

Multi-colored Alpacas don’t get as much credit as solid colored ones when it comes to fiber. This teddy bear goes against that prejudice by creating a cute multi-colored stuffed animal that no one can resist.



Between 14” and 16”


 100% Baby Alpaca Fur Artist Teddy Bear One of a Kind 14″ Beige

If you are looking for soft and fluffy, then Alpaca is the way to go. This superfine specimen is made from 100% baby Alpaca fur. The first cut is always the finest and softest, making it perfect for a stuffed animal.



Alpaca Natural Gray Fur Teddy Bear Plush Fair Trade Peru

Gray is by far my favorite natural Alpaca color, and not just because it is so uncommon. It just looks so natural, and it looks so good on this Alpaca teddy bear.   This supersoft 14” stuffed animal is sure to make a kid someone very happy.



100% Baby Alpaca Fur Artist Teddy Bear One of a Kind 14″

This is another 100% baby Alpaca fur teddy bear! It is so soft and the darker ears just make it so cute. This would be a great gift for any stuffed animal loving kid.