Check Out Our Alpaca Throws

Check Out Our Alpaca Throws

Alpaca fiber is a lot like wool, but five times warmer and ten times softer. This makes them the perfect fiber for just about anything that you can make out of wool. Alpaca throws are no exception to that rule, as the fiber is the perfect material for the some of the best throws around.

Alpaca throws are perfect for just about any situation because they are lightweight but still keep you warm. Whether you are looking for something to cover you up on a cool day, or something to cover the couch and add some pop to your living room, an Alpaca throw will certainly achieve just that.

They come in just about any color you could possibly want, but naturally there are only 16 recognized Alpaca colors in The United States. If you want it to be natural, make sure that you pick one of those colors. The rest of the colors are just bleached and dyed.

All of these Alpaca Throws are made from 100% alpaca fiber that is natural hypoallergenic. Made from only the best luxury fiber in the world, you are sure to be impressed with the quality of this product.

Alpaca are domesticated pack animals that are native to South America. Most of the countries Alpaca fiber is still imported from Peru, but it is also produced in The United States. There are no known wild Alpaca anywhere in the world.

Fiber production in The United States is limited to small companies and farms due to the slow reproduction rate. Each female can produce one off-spring per year and twins are highly unlikely. Cloning and genetic modification is also nearly impossible because of the genetic makeup of Alpaca’s. Both of these make it extremely difficult for large companies to get involved in mass production.

Most of the fiber used to make these Alpaca throws will have been produced on small family owned farms with less than 100 animals. This allows them to closely monitor breeding patterns to produce the ideal fiber quality and genetic makeup of each animal.

The fiber produced by an Alpaca is as durable as wool, as soft as cashmere, and as light as a feather. There is nothing like it produced by any animal on earth. If you are looking for the softest and most comfortable throws on the earth, then you want to buy and Alpaca throw and you have come to the right place!