We Sell Extreme Alpaca Socks

We Sell Extreme Alpaca SocksIf you got here, you probably already know that Alpacas produce some of the softest fur in the world. What you are probably just finding out is that the fur will also keep you warm. Alpacas are animals that are meant to live in the mountains of South America, so they need thick fur to keep them warm.

Extreme Alpaca socks take those two qualities and put them in a pair of socks. Who doesn’t love warm feet in the winter? Now imagine that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to enjoy those warm feet.

Extreme Alpaca socks will keep your feet nice and toasty like the wool socks your mom used to make you wear. Unlike wool socks, they are not itchy and can be worn year round!

These socks are designed for those going where no feet have gone before. They can keep your feet warm in temperatures as low as 20 below zero. At that temperature, your feet should freeze and need to be cut off!


Don’t be fooled by cheap knockoffs that to not have the same Alpaca wool count. They use less Alpaca fur so that they can save some money while making the socks. This leaves you with more wool or cotton that you get with Extreme Alpaca socks. If you are looking for the best quality warm Alpaca socks, look not further!

Made from Alpaca wool, these socks will retain heat like no other sock in the world. They are 5 times warmer than those itchy wool socks and even have an elastic fit. They come in most of the men sizes, so they are guaranteed to be a perfect fit.

We even carry woman’s shoe sizes for the ladies. We wouldn’t want to leave them out in the cold to lose their toes!

Did I mention that Extreme Alpaca socks are hypoallergenic? That means that you don’t have to worry about these socks making you itchy. They are perfectly safe to wear and enjoy whether you are hiking or sitting at a desk.

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