We Have Your Alpaca Clothing And Products

We Have Your Alpaca Clothing And ProductsAlpacas are known for producing some of the softest wool on the planet. This wool is sheered every year and is perfect for making clothing. That Alpaca clothing will keep you plenty warm without sacrificing comfort or mobility because of its softness.

You can find just about any piece of clothing you could possible ask for made from Alpaca wool if you wanted, but some are more popular than others. Socks, hats, and gloves seem to be the most popular Alpaca clothing to purchase. All three of those are meant to keep you warm and all three touch your skin, so it makes sense that you would want something soft.

You will also find that Alpaca wool is used to produce other items from the home. These include rugs, blankets, curtains, throws, and others. Teddy bears made from baby Alpaca wool is also a big hit with kids. They are made from the first cut of a baby Alpacas wool so it is exceptionally soft.

This is our extensive list of Alpaca Clothing and some examples of what you can buy:


Alpaca Socks That Will Keep You WarmAlpaca socks are a big hit because Alpacas are so soft and naturally warm. Since Alpaca’s like to live on cool mountainous terrain, their wool is naturally designed to retain heat. This makes Alpaca wool the perfect candidate for making socks.

Alpaca socks feel allot like wool socks, but are softer and said to be more than five times warmer. They are perfect for keeping your feet warm in extreme conditions or just at your desk. I used these to keep my feet warm on the way to and from work in my old truck that didn’t have floor heat vents!

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Alpaca Teddy Bears

Alpaca Teddy BearsAlpaca Teddy Bears are of the most popular Alpaca products on the market right now. Everyone loves teddy bear and stuffed animals, so when you make them this soft they become irresistible. This product is great for children and adults of all ages.

They are made with the softest fibers in the world AND they are hypoallergenic. Traditionally, the bears are made from 100% baby Alpaca fiber because the first time they are sheered is always the softest. You may want to purchase these in bulk because everyone will want one when they see it.

They are in the expensive side, but they are all natural and made to last longer than any other stuffed animal on the market. They are worth the money if you are looking to buy someone that perfect present to remember forever. These are one of our personal favorite Alpaca products.

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Check Out Our Alpaca ThrowsThrows are great when it is chilly enough that you need to cover up but not cold enough for a jacket.  They are also great for covering a couch or lunge chair if you are looking to add something a little different to your living room.  The perfect throw is warm, durable, and lightweight, which happens to be the three most favorable characteristics of Alpaca Products.

Alpaca fiber might as well have been specifically designed for throws.  You are not going to find a more comfortable material to make a throw out of.  We have to fight with the children because they want to carry ours around the world to stay comfortable.

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Stay warm with Alpaca SweatersAlpaca Sweaters are the way to go if you are looking to stay warm and fashionable at the same time.  These are one of my favorite pieces of Alpaca clothing because of how soft they are.  I used to love wearing my wool sweater at home but was afraid to wear it in public.  These Alpaca sweaters are even warmer, but can be fashionable, “flowy”, and way less itchy.

They are the perfect combination of warmth, comfort, and fashion.  With today’s technology, you can find them dyed into just about any color you could possibly want.  Stop by our store and check them out.

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Alpaca Shawls

Are You Looking For An Alpaca Shawl?Shawls are another extremely common piece of Alpaca clothing that you will find on our site. A shawl is essentially a supersized scarf that is used to cover your shoulders and sometimes your head. If you are going to cover your head, shoulders, and neck, then why not do it with the softest material on earth?

You can find Alpaca Shawls in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and styles. No matter what kind of shawl you are looking for, you will be able to find one made from Alpaca fiber. For extreme softness, take a look at the baby Alpaca clothing in our store.

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The Alpaca Clothing Benefits

Alpaca clothing is great for boy and girls of all ages. The material is so soft, light, and durable that you just can’t beat it. It is the material to use if you are looking to design the most luxurious clothes you can possible design.


One of the main Alpaca clothing benefits is that Alpaca fiber is one of the softest fibers in the world. Most people who complain of the itch associated with wool are experiencing the thick fibers rubbing against their skin. The main difference between wool and Alpaca is how thick the fiber strands are individually.

The itchy wool that you remember in blankets and socks as a kid typically measure over 25 microns. Alpaca fiber is usually found to be around 15 microns in thickness. This makes it much softer to the touch and less likely to give you the itchy sensation that most remember about wool garments.


When it comes to warmth, most of us again complain things to how warm wool is. Wool blankets have long been a staple to emergency backpacks across the world because they are light and keep you so warm. What people do not realize is that an Alpaca blanket is three to five times warmer depending on what stats you are looking at.

Because Alpaca are native to mountainous regions in South America, they have to produce a warm coat in order to stay warm. This is another one of the huge Alpaca clothing benefits because we do not need to blend the fiber with thicker fiber to make the clothing warmer.


Alpaca fleece is very light and feathery compared to many other comparable options. If you are looking for a garment to be light and flowing, while still keeping your warm, then you might want to look at Alpaca!


A huge Alpaca clothing benefit is that Alpaca fiber is eater, wind, and stain resistant. It will shield you from the wind and the rain on a cold day. This allows it to last longer than just about any other material used to make clothes.


Since Alpacas do not produce lanolin, their fiber is hypoallergenic. You don’t have to worry about buying something made of this for a child that is prone to allergies!